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ROSA-LUXEMBURG-STIFTUNG The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung (RLS) is an internationally operating, progressive non-profit institution for civic education that is close to the German Left Party (DIE LINKE). Active since 1990, the organisation has been committed to the analysis of social processes and developments worldwide. In cooperation with organizations around the globe, RLS focuses on democratic and social participation,..

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About Us

RLS NORTH AFRICA OFFICE The overall goal of the RLS’s North Africa Office – established in July 2013 in Tunis – is the promotion of innovative and creative initiatives in the region, to support social justice, bottom-up political participation, and cross-societal dialogue. We cooperate with people and political representatives from the region and work with..

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Latest Publications

Failing Readmission: If sending migrants back won’t work. A case study of Italy and Tunisia

September 2017

This article will provide an account of how readmission agreements have been working between Italy and Tunisia in the last few years. Considering available data on the matter, as well as three months’ worth of personal research and interviews with direct sources in Tunisia, this article will then examine some of the shortcomings of the Italian repatriation system, so as to counter the widely held assumption that Italy and Tunisia are setting a model case for how readmissions are to be operated in Europe.

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