Academic cooperation

The promotion of critical research and teaching as a contribution to democratization and the establishment of exchange and cooperation between universities are a major concern of the work of Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung in general and the department of academic cooperation in particular. To accompany the democratic process which was initiated in the course of the uprisings of 2011, the program „Independent Universities and the Promotion of Critical research and Teaching“ was launched. In cooperation with partners, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung promotes academic freedom and the independence of universities as well as critical and progressive thinking.

Project Director:
Nadia El Ouerghemmi, [email protected]

Tel: +216 52 288 805

Project Manager:

Project Assistant:
Leila Belajouza, [email protected]

Tel: +216 58 525 304

Finance Manager:
Walid Larbi, [email protected],

Tel: +216 55 500 557

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung North Africa Office
Academic Cooperation
23, Rue Jughurta
1082 Tunis
Tel: + 216 71 846 310