Citizen Cartography Encounters #RDV4 Tunisia Land of Migration

November 22, 2016 09:00 Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung North Africa

# RDV4 TUNISIA LAND OF MIGRATION – The numbers .. And the Rights?

From the available statistical data relating to migration (immigration / emigration), we produce maps that reflect the “flow”of migrants, identify patterns, differences according to the categories of persons, etc. ..

But what about their rights?

The map, like any form of representation, is not neutral. It shows as much as it hides. Its value is minimal if no one is there to interpret the question. Therefore, at this meeting, we organize two round tables bringing together various actors, with different points of view.

//////// Tuesday, November 22:  Round tables

/// 10 am: Panel 1
Tunisia is known to be a starting  point for migrants, but it is also a transit area and a land of immigration.

-Nadia Touihri, National Statistics Institute (INS).
-Anaïs Elbassil, asylum Earth Tunisia.
-Sonia Khlif, Doctors of the World.
-Rim Ammami, Avocats Sans Frontières (ASF).

/// 2 pm: Panel 2
To know better the migrants and their aspirations helps to develop a new Tunisian migration policy in Tunisia worthy of the revolution. A relevant rights friendly policy based on the democratic participation of migrants and their associations. Respect for the rights of migrants is essential for all cooperation policy.

-Helmi Tlili, director of the Office of Tunisians Abroad (OTE).
-Abderrazak Haj Zekri, community activist, sociologist, migration expert.
-Kacem Affaya, deputy secretary general UGTT.
-Jonathan Bugge Harder, Delegation of the European Union in Tunisia.
-Tarek Ben Hiba, Tunisian Federation for Citizenship des deux Rives (FTCR)

/// 16:30 Map analysis