Leftist Politics

Leftist Politics

The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung cooperates with civil society organisations, including political parties, labour unions, and social movements, to strengthen theory and practice based on the principles of democratic socialism.

We strongly believe that progressive politics can’t exist without the grassroots democratic organization and strong links between political organisations and social movements. At the same time, successful politics can only be sustained nationally on the long term on a base that rests on strong links with the community and the implementation of practical local initiatives.

And along with Rosa Luxemburg, we believe that the advancement of progressive forces must rest on continuous and self-critical analysis of structures, programs, and action.

In 2007 in Germany, different parties and groups have united to establish the party THE LEFT (DIE LINKE), which has produced very positive results regarding parliamentary representation and generally the ability to bringing forward issues of socio-economic rights in Germany. In this light, we support progressive initiatives that focus on building coalitions and joint initiatives, instead of creating further political divisions.

With regards to socio-economic, programmatic issues, we support both local initiatives and regional approaches. Albeit to differing degrees, all societies of North African countries have to deal with a lack of souvereign planning due to the dependence on neo-liberal policy-making. The challenges are considerable: Debt-servicing channels resources outside the country instead of into social, educational, or health sectors. Free trade agreements harm vulnerable markets and agricultural sectors. We, therefore, welcome initiatives that aim to strengthen local, national, or regional economies and ways of organization.