Dar Rosa Library

Our accessible library specializes in theoretical and practical issues on the political leftwing from a critical perspective, for an audience of activists, students and academic researchers.

The objectives of the library are:

  • Contribute to the political education of the left wing  in the intellectual and political current of democratic socialism.
  • Offer access to the new critical theories of the left, in relation with social analysis, political and economic education.
  • Give an overview of the work of Arab and African intellectuals, often unknown and hard to have.
  • Give documentation about the social movements in the region and in the global south, and in the world.
  • Give access and initiation to the left wing theories and major ideas, for the profane.

In this regard, the collections of books that the Library provides are:

  • New left theories: The second generation of Marxism, starting in the 60’s and the 70’s, when the class struggle is no longer the subject of emancipation and antagonism to the system. The emergence of new intellectuals that are no longer tied to the traditional communist and socialist organizations.
  • System analysis (economic – politic – Social – culture): How do the new theories conceive the nature and the evolution of the global system since the last quarter of the XX century? Which analysis of the economic, political, social, and cultural systems are the critical intellectuals developing? (This theme can have for subthemes : economic – politic – Social – culture, in order to have a more relevant organization of the library and accessibility to users).
  • Subjects of emancipation (Class struggle/inequalities – Ecologism – Feminism – multitude – anticolonialism ): Which actors could be the vectors of social transformation ? This question is still tearing up the left on an ideological and partisan level, although it is asked in a different way as forty years ago.
  • Social movements: Documentation and literature about social movements, and practical guides and how-to books. (this could be a sub theme in the subjects of emancipation)
  • Arab Marxism: who are the intellectuals of the Arab socialist and communist movement? What were/are their analysis of the world and ideals? what contributions did they make to the left wing movement since its start ?
  • Magazine/Reviews: Different left wing magazines, reviews on the left, social movements, academic researches, publications from other RLS offices.