Music Studio

Blech7es Recording Studio

Music and culture are important aspects within a progressive political scene with each generation bearing its own artists and cultural ways.

Acknowledging the prominence of cultural work for political development, Dar Rosa, the house of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung in Tunis, provides space to Blech7es, a Tunisian collective for alternative culture founded in 2012 that operates its recording studio here since April 2016. Blesh7ess is self-managed and auto-financed. The collective is organized in a democratic and horizontal way, anyone can join in. Each person counts for a vote and debate is on every meeting agenda. Self-management is the most important aspect of the experience so far, it has been the best way for everyone to feel as a full member of the community.

Although the recording studio is only one of the many activities of the collective, it is by far the most important one regarding its cultural and political dimension. The studio has the goal of allowing anyone to come by and rehearse or record their work, whatever their artistic expression may be (music, poetry, community radio shows etc.). The recordings fall under the creative commons license with the goal to bringing all kinds of people and artists together without restrictions.

Blech7es also organizes concerts and cultural events. It is important to provide opportunity for artists from different scenes to share passion and ideas in a welcoming environment. Participation is open for anyone whatever the age, gender, financial or intellectual background, religion, or sexual orientation, as long as they are willing to contribute to the artistic scene.

Blech7es broadens the auto-financing concept and self-management, not only within the artistic scene, but as a general example for all projects in any field, especially within civil society. The alternative scene in Tunisia is growing and there is a need to provide opportunity for every artist for publicly sharing works and ideas.

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