Alternative Economy in the Arab Region

May 30, 2017

“Alternative economy in the Arab region : concepts and issues“ by the Arab Forum for Alternatives (AFA) explores, through case studies , existing and possible economic alternatives from different countries (i.e Jemna oasis in Tunisia, Srifa cooperative in Lebanon, Nubaseed in Egypt , self-administrated communal lands in Morocco) by identifying key factors of success and failure of such experiences. The book questions how economic alternatives can survive under capitalist systems and to which extent they can develop to an Alternative Economy.

Contributors : Salameh Kaileh – Layla Riahi – Jana Nakhal – Noureddine Bessadi – Raja Kassab – Ayman Abdelmoati – Marzuq Alnusf – Gennaro Gervasio – Mohamed El Agaty

This publication is the result of our joint cooperation with the Arab Forum for Alternatives as part of our effort to support progressive organizations and initiatives that challenges and debunk neoliberal ideologies and propose alternatives for a just development in the region that prioritizes public interest.