Social disparities and class distinction in the Arab region

May 30, 2017

The publication “Social disparities in the Arab region“ by the Arab Forum for Alternatives (AFA) from Egypt diagnoses social disparities in several countries of North Africa and Western Asia that are characterized by different political paths and specific social contexts but similar socio-economic impacts, mainly resulting from decades of dominant neoliberal policies. The texts discuss structural causes of the growing class gap and highlight the main challenges to the achievement of social justice in the region.

Contributors: Mohamed Said – Fathi Chamkhi – Mongia Hedfi – Said al Hashmi – Maan Dammag – Fadila Akkache – Omayma Kamal – Saadi Khalid Ali – Abdelmawla Ismail – Heba Khalil – Wassim Laabidi – Joseph Dhaher – Zuhair Tawfiq – Toufiq Haddad – Mohamed El Agaty

This publication is the result of our joint cooperation with the Arab Forum for Alternatives as part of our effort to support progressive organizations and initiatives that challenges and debunk neoliberal ideologies and propose alternatives for a just development in the region that prioritizes public interest.