Social Justice

The social and the economic

Many political and religious movements struggle for social justice, and the definitions of this are manifold. The improvement of social justice spans topics from women’s rights through creating equal opportunities for all to climate justice.

Left-wing movements are generally unified in the view that capitalism and neo-liberal globalism hinder the advancement of just socio-economic standards and that the exploitation of people by other people must end. And we want to focus on this unifying approach.

The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung supports initiatives that progressively engage in these wide array of issues. Challenges are often the same on a global level, but local contexts and possibilities are determining solutions for each society and country. We want to learn from each other and benefit of the ideas of others. In this respect we foster regional and international exchange of persons and organisations that analyze current policies and develop feasible alternatives.

Through our Tunis office, we furthermore organise economic trainings for activists and journalists without prior in-depth economic knowledge in order to provide for alternative perspectives on free trade, debt-policies, and the approaches of International Financial Institutions.