Workshop space

Dar Rosa

The cultural space

Since 2013, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung – North Africa office supports the creation of grassroots democracy and sovereign development free from external domination in Tunisia and the region. We contribute to the ongoing public debate by fostering a venue for critical analysis, the exchange of experiences and ideas around political, economic, social, and cultural questions.

Dar Rosa (Arabic for Rosa’s House) is located in Tunis’ neighbourhood of Mutuelleville and consists of rooms of various sizes with a capacity of up to 100 persons. This allows for the simultaneous organization of exhibitions, seminars and meetings. We not only organize our own events and those of partner organisations here, but external initiatives are free to use our facilities as well. Photo exhibitions around the issues of migration and a lack of social justice in Tunisia were on display. Film screenings took place. Anti-racist initiatives organized coordination meetings and public events. The capacity of Dar Rosa came fully to the fore during the World Social Forum 2015, with an accompanying WSF-program for one week, with four different kinds of events taking place at the same time.

Supporting progressive initiatives

Do you want to develop practical initiatives for a fairer distribution of resources, against racism or other forms of social exclusion, etc.? In the framework of political or cultural activities, in an organization or alone: maybe we can support you in promoting your idea. We provide our premises (meeting rooms, exposition space …), technical, logistical and communication support.


Please contact us here: [email protected]